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  1. Hello Amruta,

    Merci pour cette formidable intervention à la médiathèque de Poitiers, nous (professionnels et public) sommes encore tous sous le charme, quelle intelligence et finesse dans la transmission de ton savoir…ta générosité dans l’échange et le partage nous a tous ravis. Je suis définitivement conquise par l’Inde à travers toi et l’envie peut-être de m’y rendre un jour, qu’est-ce que 8h d’avion? rien du tout!;). Je suis également définitivement conquise par ta beauté et élégance d’âme.


    Jeanne /Action Cuturelle/ Médiathèque François-Mitterrand/Poitiers

  2. Adi Parva is an amazing read. Can’t wait for the next two books. When are they scheduled for publication?

  3. love your artwork, am looking for an image for my website. do you have a place i can look at your art and do you sell rights for an image for a website! thanks, Leslie

  4. Hello Amruta – I’ve just put in an order for your novel Kari from I can’t wait to read it! I read the comics on your blog :)

  5. Hi, I would like to know if you live in Delhi? We are organizing a conference “Madwomen in the Attic” at Jesus and Mary College, New Delhi and we would like to have you as a panelist. It is scheduled on the 17th of October 2014. Hoping to hear from you soon

  6. Hi, Your work is stupendous and so amazingly varied! I am writing a paper on Kari and would like your permission to use some pages/panels.

  7. Respected Madam,
    This is Srini, a filmmaker works in Tamil films and great admirer of your art works. Your works on Mahabaratha evoked lot of emotions from me. I dreamed one day when I make my own movies I should work with u for my movie designs. And the day has come now, yes I am making my debut feature film in Tamil language. So Madam will you be interested to work designs for it.. it is not only just a movie design but I am sure there is a great scope where u can explore your art work. I am just a dreamer and wanted your hand of artistic stokes to be part of my dream project. Hope this msg will reach you and you will respond as early as possible. Expecting no no dreaming tat u will be part of it. Thank You.

    Email ID:
    pH: +91-9944244575


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