“With the release of Adi Parva, perhaps Amruta Patil will be discussed not just as India’s ‘first woman graphic novelist’ but as an artist at the height of her powers.”
– Ajachi Chakrabarti, feature on Adi Parva, Tehelka (December ’13)

Video of Amruta Patil in conversation with Dr. Vidya Dehejia. Adi Parva book launch, 13th December 2012:

is a 2-part graphic novel series based on the Mahabharat, the Puranas and the tradition of oral storytellers.

Book 1, Adi Parva: Churning of the Ocean, has a cast that includes our ancestors – gods, demigods, queens, sages, seers, seductresses, hermits, kings and warriors. With the celestial river Ganga as its narrator, Adi Parva has a backdrop that sprawls across heaven and earth. The book was first published in English by HarperCollins India in 2012, and  in French (as Parva: L’éveil de l’Océan) by Au Diable Vauvert.

Book 2, Sauptik: Blood and Flowers, has Ashwathhama as its narrator and river Yamuna as its backdrop. It is due to be published in Fall 2016 by HarperCollins India.


Buy Adi Parva online:

English edition
French edition

Audio podcasts on process: https://soundcloud.com/hathoric

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  1. Adi parva….beautiful, thank you so much! Alive, meandering…. I wish I could paint to express. Words usually don’t fail me but they do now.

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