“With the release of Adi Parva, perhaps Amruta Patil will be discussed not just as India’s ‘first woman graphic novelist’ but as an artist at the height of her powers.” – Tehelka (December ’13)

Amruta Patil (born April 19, 1979) is a writer and painter. She is the author of Kari (2008) and Adi Parva: Churning the Ocean (2012); and her graphic short stories have appeared in anthologies and magazines around the world. Kari is a contemporary story about friendship, love and death; with a queer protagonist navigating a magic-realism version of Mumbai. Adi Parva is based on the Mahabharat, the Vishnu Puraan and the tradition of oral storytellers. It was selected as one of 2012’s best graphic novels by comic book historian, Paul Gravett. Amruta is currently working on Adi Parva‘s sequel, Sauptik: Sleeping Ones, Rise.

Style and Influences
Amruta, who identifies primarily as a writer, has a freewheeling visual style that incorporates charcoal, acrylic painting and collage. Recurring themes in her work include memento mori, sexuality, myth, sustainable living, and the unbroken thread of stories passed down from storyteller to storyteller through the ages. To follow her writing and artwork: http://amrutapatil.blogspot.com

On Twitter: @hathoric

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  1. dear amruta i love your work and being a writer myself, you are someone whom i look up to.
    yours, Samyuktha Nair

  2. I have not read the book yet but I can already see the content will defintly by this book

  3. Hey Amrita,
    I had recently heard you at THE LOFT, Khushru’s office. We had a small conversation too. While i was there it occurred to me that i should have taken an autograph from you on the book i had, ‘Adiparv”. i wanted to ask if i courier you the book, can you sign it for me.

  4. Amruta, just saying hello. I was at lunch with college pal GOBIND in Bangalore last week, when your subject came up..and a copy of KARI. Great work, and all else around you. Will have more to say by and by, as I discover more about you. Said simply..though we are several decades apart, your work, approach and general stance is awe-inspiring. I am writing a little book on my adventures, will have a balance of words and graphics for easier penetration. Enough said for now, just connecting. Regards, Sam in Goa

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